I try my best to be the kindest, most caring and most honest person I know, knowing full well you will take advantage of it. Why? Because it makes me feel like a better person and it helps me sleep at night. People know that they can trust me. You can't buy that. I love it. Don't kid yourself and pretend like I'm not putting up a front. We all do. My confidence drips off me like I'm fresh from the shower. The most confident people of this world are the most insecure. My performance persona is my own creation; my most arrogant and assertive self, why would you ever let your guard down if you could be this good? You're nothing but a bad actor in a low budget screenplay.
I'm open about my beliefs and there's nothing you've got in your pocket, throat or wallet that can make me feel uncomfortable with myself.
I'm an individual thriving off word and sound; without music, I'm just me. I try my best to savoir every moment of this life. I'll tell you now, We all have vices; I like to lose myself in the music and make everything else disappear. I'm a magician you see. My other tricks include manipulating language to get my point across. Words are my everything. I use them accordingly to pleasure you and stab you in the ear. I will laugh at you, and I will enjoy it. Because you take yourself far too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself. You'll find it more rewarding.
I'm an audience and a consumer. I am a creator and an artist.
I do not agree with the stereotypical norm attached to either sex. Beauty, and I mean real beauty, should be recognized. For beauty is a beautiful thing and should not be affected by what lies between the line's. Am I right?
Intelligence is lush. A beautiful mind is a beautiful thing. A moron will always be a moron (and oh so unattractive).
I am upfront and honest but know better than to expect the same in return. While honesty remains a weapon, I'll have one up on you.
Every recitation is a dedication to the damage you did. Make me suffer for my art. We know you're gonna do it anyway, so let's pretend we can't taste the intent on your tongue.
I will influence you and I will be the cause of your disposition. I am brilliant like a star and faded like your favorite jeans. I'm the boy whose sweet words bloom roses in your cheeks, and the girl whose charm keeps you coming back. Like any human being, I am flawed and would never claim otherwise. I'm no better than you. All I ask is that you don't try to tone down my extravagance. I don't believe in restraining emotion. Real is raw, untouched, uncensored, well spoken and ends in a slap of the face. Yours or mine? If I affect you, then I've already changed the world. I changed yours didn't I?
I don't expect you to understand myself or my thoughts. I believe in the words I say, what I defend and the moments I cherish. I believe that you believe what you think is true. But I believe you know nothing. This is modern culture; processed society. This is a place of buy-one-get-one-free personalities and lack of a better word. Knowledge is power and conforming is security. Stop. Say something worth saying. Make a point. You are not whatever label you place yourself under. You are what you fight for, what you defend, what you protect. You are what you believe in. Your thoughts aren't real, only your actions. Open your eyes and do something worth doing, send a message worth sending. There's nothing worse than blending into the scenery.
All that being said, I can't stop you from thinking I'm an asshole. I probably am. At least my friends think I'm fabulous.
"Coordinate brain and mouth and ask me what it's like to have myself so figured out....wish I knew.."

You'll love me, I promise.
Hearts and Bites,
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